Calm Collective Collaboration

calm collective collaboration

Join us for the return of the very special Calm Collective Collaboration between Lauren Aimée and the lovely Danielle from Cox Salon. As always we’ll be under the soft glow of the fairy lights, immersed in the scent of incense burning and a special essential oil blend in the diffuser. Danielle will once again also guiding us through a glorious self massage, incorporating carefully selected oils and there will be moments throughout the practice where there is the option to receive assisted touch in some of the shapes we take.

Each event brings a new theme for us to explore as we softly dive into our inner sanctuary within, quietening any external noise and creating space for us to truly rest. Without expectation and with minimal effort, we invite you to sink into the mat and allow us to hold space for you.

As you arrive, ground yourself with a herbal tea, and after the practice, there is no need to rush and leave the space. These Friday nights are a night to cherish and come home to yourself.

Shamanic Cacao Ceremony

Join Rebecca, a trained Cacaoista on a deep dive into the subconscious. Connect with the spirit of Cacao in a spacious Shamanic journey. Cards and intentions will be pulled and set before we take the medicine and lay down to travel in to the unseen realms. Cacao can help us to reconnect with our inner nature, opening up to the heart, healing any blockages, emotional wounds and disconnection. This ceremonial grade cacao can also be drunk daily as a powerful superfood to keep your body, mind and soul nourished, Rebecca will provide Ritual Cacao bags you can purchase and take home on the day.

Bring along your favourite mug, a journal and pen, and settle in for few hours of deep inner healing and rest.

Calm Collective Day Retreat

Tofte Manor Yurt

Join Lauren and Danielle for their first ever day retreat! Set in the tranquil scenes of Tofte Manor, we will gather for a day filled with rejuvenating yoga, including both elements of vinyasa – a creative flow to find freedom and spaciousness in the body, as well as yin – sinking in to deep stretch and quieten down the mind.

We shall welcome you with freshly prepared juices upon arriving at the cottage, before wandering over to the yurt for the first yoga session. Our day will include an essential oil workshop, using the therapeutic grade essential oils from Doterra, creating your bespoke scalp massage oil with in depth information on each oil – educating you on their physical and emotional benefits. Danielle shall guide you through a stimulating scalp massage routine, before the blend is further massaged into the scalp in our final yin practice, guided by Lauren.

We will pause midway for a hearty and healthy lunch provided by local Bedford business Veggie Crush.

This day is intended to be an extension of our existing Calm Collective Collaboration evenings, designed to leave you feeling refreshed and full – full of love, kindness and joy.

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