Sound Bath Ceremony

sound bath ceremony

Join London-based artist Lilita as she delivers us a soothing sound bath ceremony to help us unwind and soften. Accompanied by her arrangement of singing bowls and her angelic voice, she will guide you through a meditation, allowing you to arrive deeply in to your being, before transporting you through sound.

Sound baths have been proven to ease the effects of stress and fatigue on the body to a cellular level. The singing bowls provide vibrational healing at certain frequencies, leading you to a deeper state of contemplation and relaxation.

You are invited to arrive exactly as you are, bringing as many blankets and cushions as you wish, and deeply rest as you bathe in the overlapping vibrations and sound.

4 Week Beginners Yoga Course

Beginners Yoga Course

Due to our first two courses of 2024 selling out, we are offering a third opportunity for you to begin your yoga journey this year!

Looking to start yoga but aren’t sure where to begin? Worried you aren’t flexible enough? Or don’t have the time? Let me answer all those questions for you, and welcome you to this 4 week Beginners Yoga course!

We’ll go right back to basics and take things at a steady pace, where you are free to arrive just as you are, with absolutely zero previous experience needed. Join us in our cosy studio overlooking the lake, where everyone gathers to support one another, take time for themselves and leave outside pressures and responsibilities at the door.

Mats & blocks are provided for you, plus there will be herbal teas to welcome you as you arrive and settle in to your new yoga journey.

The Calm Collective

Calm Collective monthly yoga workshop

Join us for our monthly 90-minute yin yoga workshop, The Calm Collective. As always we’ll be under the soft glow of the fairy lights, immersed in the scent of incense burning and a special essential oil blend in the diffuser. Along with our cosy bolsters and blankets, we slowly move through 90 minutes of yin postures, working towards the deeper layers of connective tissues, promoting mobility and flexibility.

Afterwards, ground yourself with a herbal tea, with no need to rush and leave the space. These Friday nights are a night to cherish and come home to yourself.