Cacao Ceremony

Event details

12:30 - 3:30pm, Sunday 21st January @ The Boathouse

Settle in for a Sunday afternoon of pure chocolate indulgence and deep rest. Join Rebecca, as she guides us through an insightful meditation, with the assistance of Ritual Cacao. We drink cacao, the purest form of chocolate and soak up its heart healing and medicinal benefits. Cards and intentions will be pulled and set in order to bring forth focus and clarity.

Cacao can help us to reconnect with our inner nature, opening up to the heart, healing any blockages, emotional wounds and disconnection. This ceremonial grade cacao can also be drunk daily as a powerful superfood to keep your body, mind and soul nourished, Rebecca will provide Ritual Cacao bags you can purchase and take home on the day.

So bring along your favourite mug, a journal and pen, and settle in for few hours of deep inner healing and rest.

Keen bean discount and payment options are available!