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Meet Lauren Aimée

Hey! My name is Lauren Aimée, a Bedford-based Yoga Teacher and movement practitioner.

In 2017 I completed my Yoga Teacher Training during my time studying dance at university in order to unite the fluidity and expressivity of dance with the mindful awareness of yoga.

This is when my passion for free movement began. The opportunity to explore these ideas more creatively presented itself when I progressed on to achieve an MA in Dance, Performance & Choreography.

Inclusive & Non-performative classes for all

Nowadays, I continue my movement research, but whilst also making it accessible for everyone.

My classes are open to ALL. Every shape, age, race, gender. Everyone is welcome and I strive to provide an environment that allows you to learn to let go of what movement “should” look like and focus on observing how it feels. We are all built with different proportions and orientations, my love for anatomy means I teach my classes with a functional anatomical approach rather than aesthetics. 

Despite coming from a dance and performance background, please do not ever feel the need to ‘perform’ in one of my classes. You don’t need to be a specific size or shape to begin your practice, I encourage you to observe your body and all the wonderful things it can do. 

The research never ends...

As an avid learner, I always look to expand my Yoga offerings, having now qualified in children and teen yoga as well as Yin yoga, whilst continuing to bring in my dance experience so as to make my classes unique and creative, resulting in classes and workshops of my own design.

In a typical class, you will be guided to listen to your body, listen to the internal sensations and allow them to manifest in movement.


• Yoga Teacher Training
• BA(hons) in Dance
• MA in Dance, Performance & Choreography
• Yin Yoga Teacher Training
• Children & Teen Yoga Teacher Training

teaching style

Free Movement
Yin & Vinyasa Flows

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