mindful craft by lauren aimeé

mindful macramé

Alongside teaching yoga and putting on events for the yoga community I found a passion for a slightly different mindful practice, Macramé. Working on my sustainably-made Macramé pieces is a very relaxing, meditative process not too dissimilar from the feeling you get from taking a yoga class. Each piece is steadily created one knot at a time, providing me with another outlet to express my creativity.

the craft

Each piece is made with recycled Macramé cord and repurposed materials such as leftover wood from my dad’s workshop or curtain rings found in a family friend’s shed. Working in this way is in keeping with my ethics and desire to be as sustainable as possible.

Custom + wholesale

I’m open for custom and wholesale order, so if you have an idea in mind, get in touch and we’ll create some Macramé magic!

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