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Do what feels good… for you…

Our aim is to create a safe space to allow you to explore your creativity and self-expression through the act of free movement and yoga.

Through classes and workshops, both in person within central Bedford and online, we are here to help nourish your body and mind, find calm and self-confidence and heal and grow through mindful but creative practice.


Book ahead for the Spring Term!

Lauren Aimee is so pleased to invite your teens to Verve Wellness Studio, for 10 weeks of mindfulness and yoga from the 10th January to the 21st March (no class 14th February for half term). These sessions are a chance for your teen to take a break from school & social life and just be. There’s so much going on in the world, and our teens unfortunately aren’t immune to this. Lauren Aimée strives to provide a safe space for teens to learn more about themselves, appreciate who they are and grow as individuals, as well as building bonds with like minded teens in the room. We’ve explored crystal meditations, essential oil protocols and even made our own bath salts! Who knows what the next 10 weeks will bring but we promise your teen is more than welcome to join us along the way!

Any questions please feel free to email 🙏🏼


Looking to start your yoga journey?

Join Lauren Aimée in our first ever specially curated beginners and improvers course!

Looking to start yoga but aren’t sure where to begin? Worried you aren’t flexible enough? Or don’t have the time? Let me answer all those questions for you, and welcome you to this 6 week Beginners and Improvers course! No matter where you are in your yoga journey, whether you have no idea what a down dog is, or are curious to learn more about the philosophy our yoga practice is rooted in, you are invited to join our thriving yoga community, and discover all the wonderful benefits yoga can bring!

Sundays 6-7pm at The Boathouse, Box End Park
15th January – 19th February


Yoga with lakeside views…

Join our thriving community of yogis every week by the lake at Box End Waterpark!

Whether its a vinyasa class or our special Slow Flow Sunday session, these classes at the Boathouse are a chance to connect to the body and breath, and move seamlessly in time with your inhales and exhales. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, watching the sunlight pour in and overlooking the calming waters of the lake. These classes are absolutely accessible for beginners, where our aim is not necessarily the poses themselves, but to allow you to find space between the poses and just be.

Tuesdays 9:30-10:30am AND 7-8pm Vinyasa Flow
Slow Flow Sundays 9:30-10:30am
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Begin your yoga journey with one to ones!

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for a long time or are looking for a way to start, one to ones can be a great way to find your own pace and learn how to tailor the practice to suit you. 

We all begin yoga for various reasons, whether it’s to build strength, learn more about the philosophy behind the poses, deepen our connection to our breath, find spaciousness within the body or create peace within the mind. There’s so many glorious benefits to one to one yoga, where each practice is completely tailored to what you’d like to explore and designed at a pace you are comfortable with.

Sessions are held either at Verve Wellness Studio within Bedford Heights or at The Boathouse at Box End Waterpark.

Learn more about our one to one sessions and pricing here, and get in touch to find out available dates!


90 minutes of breathwork, meditation and yin yoga…

Join our monthly Calm Collective event, resting amongst the soft glow of the fairy lights, immersed in the scent of incense burning and a special essential oil blend in the diffuser. We softly move through a small, carefully selected collection of yin poses, with a meditation weaved throughout, helping you to gently shed the weight of the many layers we carry day by day and offer us a moment of calm.

Afterwards, ground yourself with a herbal tea, with no need to rush and leave the space. These Friday nights are a night to cherish and come home to yourself.

Friday 25th November ~ 7:30-9pm ~ Verve Wellness Studio, Bedford Heights
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yoga in bedford

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