Hi! My name is Lauren Aimée and I am a Yoga teacher and dance artist based in Bedfordshire, UK. I have a passion for free movement, which began when I was dancer at university. Whilst studying, I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in 2017 to investigate how I can unite the fluidity and expressivity of dance, with the mindful awareness of Yoga. I progressed on to achieve an MA in Dance, Performance & Choreography where I was able to explore these ideas more creatively.

Nowadays, I continue my movement research, but whilst also making it accessible for everyone. My classes are open to ALL. Every shape, age, race, gender. Everyone is welcome and I strive to provide an inclusive environment.

I love to experiment within the realms of moving unconsciously, improvisation using the senses and thinking with the body. In a typical class, you will be guided to listen to your body, listen to the internal sensations and allow them to manifest in movement. Learning to let go of what that movement might look like but observing how it feels.

I’m a firm advocate of body positivity. You don’t need to be a specific size or shape to begin your practice, and I encourage all to observe your body and all the wonderful things it can do.

Have I convinced you enough yet to join a class? No? Maybe check out the classes page to find one that suits you! x

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