teen yoga classes in bedford

teen yoga circle

Teen yoga classes can be incredibly beneficial to children and teens as they go through the various stages of social, emotional and physical development. I strive to provide the support we all wish we had at that age.

teen yoga circle

Tuesdays 5-5:45pM | VERVE WELLNESS | 19th Sept - 5th Dec

SUITABLE FOR: teenagers between 12-18 years old

Every Tuesday during school terms, teenagers aged between 12-18 are invited to Verve Wellness Studio for 45 minutes of Yoga and mindfulness, encouraging a safe, fun environment away from school stress, promoting creativity, optimism and self-esteem.

My classes are inclusive to all however if you have specific concerns please feel free to get in touch.

We have 3 different payment options available:
Drop-in £8 | Full Term (11 week block) £77 | Half Term (5 week block) £38

Weekly yoga classes can help to:

Improve fitness and physical health

Reduce stress and anxiety

Improve optimism and creativity

Improve focus and school performance

Improve self-esteem and body image

Develop discipline and self-regulation

kind words

“I’m so glad I started classes with Lauren; her super smiley and lighthearted teaching as well as her general positivity and realness has really inspired me to connect with my body and add something new to my routine that I love! My favourite thing about her classes is the inclusive and loving vibes in every class, even the most advanced, where I feel totally welcome despite being the least experienced there! Her teaching is so comfortable, and she’s so accessible and kind, which makes classes feel like being taught by a friend! Thank you Lauren for teaching me skills that I’ll carry with me for years.”

— Rose, aged 17