Sound Bath Ceremony

sound bath ceremony

Join London-based artist Lilita as she delivers us a soothing sound bath ceremony to help us unwind and soften. Accompanied by her arrangement of singing bowls and her angelic voice, she will guide you through a meditation, allowing you to arrive deeply in to your being, before transporting you through sound.

Backbend Workshop

Backbend Workshop

Backbends are a beautiful, invigorating practice, they allow us to find freedom in the body but we understand it’s common to fear these kind of shapes. For some of us they might feel quite comfortable in our bodies, but we need more core awareness, for others we might feel quite restricted in that direction of motion, but perhaps its us that could really benefit from back bending.

he first hour of the practice will be dedicated to preparing the heart space to open, perhaps even using a little eucalyptus oil to help create a sense of expansion. You can expect shoulder and spinal mobility, creative sequencing combining moments of strength as well as deep stretch and after a short break, the second hour will be dedicated to exploring certain shapes more closely.