Beginners Yoga Course

Bedford yoga teacher teaching at yoga event

Looking to start yoga but aren’t sure where to begin? Worried you aren’t flexible enough? Or don’t have the time? Let me answer all those questions for you, and welcome you to this 6-week Beginners Yoga course!

We’ll go right back to basics and take things at a steady pace, where you are free to arrive just as you are, with absolutely zero previous experience needed. Join us in our cosy studio overlooking the lake, where everyone gathers to support one another, take time for themselves and leave outside pressures and responsibilities at the door.

Betwixtmas Bliss

Yinyasa Yoga Classes in Bedford

We invite you to join us for Betwixtmas Bliss, a cosy extended practice at the stunning Boathouse overlooking the lake during the weird period between Christmas and New Years.

We’ll move through a slow twisty sequence, to activate our parasympathetic nervous system and ease our digestive system. Bring your cosy blankets, fluffy socks, even your Christmas jumpers if you like, and settle in for a morning of bliss.

Backbend Workshop

Backbend Workshop

Backbends are a beautiful, invigorating practice, they allow us to find freedom in the body but we understand it’s common to fear these kind of shapes. For some of us they might feel quite comfortable in our bodies, but we need more core awareness, for others we might feel quite restricted in that direction of motion, but perhaps its us that could really benefit from back bending.

he first hour of the practice will be dedicated to preparing the heart space to open, perhaps even using a little eucalyptus oil to help create a sense of expansion. You can expect shoulder and spinal mobility, creative sequencing combining moments of strength as well as deep stretch and after a short break, the second hour will be dedicated to exploring certain shapes more closely.