Lauren Aimée is so pleased to be continuing to offer Yoga online, from the very comfort of our home, to yours!

2020 saw a lot of change and a lot of uncertainty, and during that time, Yoga was needed then more than ever before, which we believe still continues today. Each and every Sunday, they’ll be a new free class on our Youtube channel, exploring different themes and of various lengths and even though in-person classes have returned and are thriving, online Yoga is here to stay!

We are also working hard to establish an On Demand yoga membership, where you can sign up to the Tribe and receive new classes straight to your inbox each month. But for now, you can access all existing classes on Youtube, whenever and wherever you like! Below are the latest videos that have been published, to see the whole archive, where videos are filtered by class length, please head to our channel.

Consider this our way of giving back to the yoga community, and if you have any requests for classes let us know!

p.s. don’t forget to subscribe!

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