One to One Yoga

Private One to One yoga sessions are a great way to tailor the practice to suit your individual needs, working closely with a qualified teacher who can advise and guide you along your Yoga journey, whether you are a complete beginner or have been practising for years. LAYD understands that group classes may not be for everyone, and so strive to create a personalised experience, providing you with the space to continue your Yoga journey in a way that feels comfortable and reassuring for you. We also take a functional anatomical approach as opposed to an ‘aesthetic’ approach, knowing that Yoga is not ‘one size fits all’ and we are all unique. Therefore we aim to provide adjustments or tips to adjust particular postures to suit your body, rather than adjusting the body to suit the pose.

You might like to consider a private class if you:

  • are a beginner and would like to learn about the basics before joining group classes
  • would like to dedicate some time to improve your health and well-being
  • are recovering from injuries, or working through pains/trauma that are not comfortable in group settings
  • struggle to find the time to attend regular group classes and would prefer working around your own schedule
  • want to take your practice to deeper level, learn more from yoga philosophy, anatomy, breathing techniques or mediation
LAYD can provide one to one sessions in various styles; meditation, restorative, yoga to build overall strength or towards particular postures, chair/senior yoga, mindfulness, or creative yoga to encourage self-awareness and body confidence.

All new clients will receive a free consultation to discuss your individual requirements and needs.

£40 per session or a block of 4 sessions for £140. LAYD also provide One to Two sessions, priced at £45.

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