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Please note for the time being all in-person classes have currently been suspended. In this time of uncertainty and anxiety, Yoga is now needed more than ever and in response to this, LAYD has moved most existing classes online, bringing you Yoga and meditation classes from the comfort of my home, to yours. Please head to the ‘Online Yoga’ page for all the up to date information.
This is a difficult time for all of us, so thank you for continuing to support LAYD and continuing your interest in classes. Simply knowing that we can still connect and move together makes this dark time a little brighter. I hope to see you on your mats very soon!
Classes are currently held at multiple locations in the Bedford area. LAYD prides itself on making movement accessible for all, for any age or ability, if you have any specific requirements please do get in touch. You do not have to be a member anywhere to attend the classes, however members of Anytime Fitness are to book directly through the specific gym app.
£7.50 drop in.
£35 5 Class Pass (expires 6 weeks after date of purchase)
£60 10 Class Pass (expires 12 weeks after date of purchase)
Booking is preferable however we do accept walk ins. Simply contact lauren@laurenaimee.com or find me on Facebook/Instagram to secure your spot and purchase a Class Pass. For classes at The Fitness Collective, you can also book through the MINDBODY app.
Alongside classes and workshops, LAYD also offers corporate classes fortnightly at AECOM and Chair Yoga Dance sessions for the elderly at Bedford Library for the Council. If you would like these sessions or something similar at your workplace/facility, please get in touch.
  • Monday

    • 7:15-8:15pm – Vinyasa Flow @ Anytime Fitness Bedford (limited spaces for non-members)
  • Tuesdays

    • 10:30-11:30am – Senior Yoga @ Bedford Guild House
    • 7:30-8:30pm – Mindful Flow @ The Fitness Collective *SIGNATURE CLASS*
  • Wednesdays

    • 7:15-8:15pm – Slow Flow @ Anytime Fitness Bedford (limited spaces for non-members)
  • Thursdays

    • 9:45-10:45am – Wake Up & Flow @ Verve Wellness Studio
    • 12:15-1pm – Lunchtime Flow @ Verve Wellness Studio
    • 7:35-8:35pm – Power Flow @ The Fitness Collective
  • Saturdays

    • 10:30-11:30am – Vinyasa Flow @ Anytime Fitness Bedford (limited spaces for non-members)

Class Descriptions

7:15-8:15pm Mondays @ Anytime Fitness Bedford

10:30-11:30am Saturdays @ Anytime Fitness Bedford

This class allows you to connect with your body’s inner rhythm, connecting with the breath and moving the body in time with your inhales and exhales. The flow helps you to let go and take the time to work through the practice with focus & strength. This class is accessible to all including beginners.

10:30am-11:30am Tuesdays @ Bedford Guild House

This class is designed for those aged over 50, providing a gentle exercise class to support the joints of the body and to keep the muscles supple. All poses are modified depending on ability and chairs are provided if there is discomfort moving on and off the floor.

7:30pm-8:30pm Tuesdays @ The Fitness Collective

Mindful Flow is LAYD’s signature class, using inspiration from Somatic practices to place a heightened awareness in the body as you move and focus on really noticing the inner sensations of the body throughout those movements. There is space to explore and play with what potential the body has, discovering new movement and perhaps moving slightly away from the typical yoga asana, incorporating tai chi inspired flows, dance-like expressions and much more. This tends to be a slower practice, allowing time for the mind to observe the body and ends with a restorative relaxation.

7:15pm-8:15pm Wednesdays @ Anytime Fitness Bedford

A midweek smooth, slow Vinyasa flow, allowing the body to lengthen and release as you move with the breath. Slow Flow provides a restful break during the busy work week and allows you to welcome yourself to the practice and the various poses at a relaxed pace but still reflect on the challenge and potential limitations of the body. Through this class we learn to accept whatever arises during the practise and beyond the practise, developing our patience and resilience.

9:45-10:45am Thursdays @ Verve Wellness Studio

This is a mindful morning class, structured like a typical vinyasa class that is designed to awaken the body and mind, but may also include tai chi inspired flows to leave you refreshed and energised to carry out the rest of your day with a clear focus and sense of presence.

12:15pm-1pm Thursdays @ Verve Wellness Studio

Lunchtime Flow is a slightly shorter class that provides a small break in the busy work day to focus on you. Consisting of a quick fire flow to get the heart rate elevated and the body moving followed by stretching and relaxation to release the body of any toxins and calm the chattering mind.

7:35-8:35pm Thursdays @ The Fitness Collective

This is a fitness-based yoga class and is designed to build strength and increase flexibility whilst generating heat in the body and developing stamina, synchronising the breath with the movement. This class is accessible for beginners, and modifications are provided to suit any fitness level.

£40 per session or £140 for a block of 4.

These sessions are the perfect way to introduce yourself to Yoga, explore deeper into the asana practice or receive extra help if recovering from an injury or other ailments. Bespoke class plans are compiled to suit your individual needs and can be taken home to continue your practice at your own leisure. Contact lauren@laurenaimee.com for a free consultation.


NEXT YOGANCE PLAYSHOP DATE: 29th March 2-4pm in the Yoga Room at The Fitness Collective. **POSTPONED**

Please note this Playshop has now been postponed. A new date will be announced in due course.

Combining knowledge from both Dance and Yoga, the Yogance workshops are designed to free up the body and mind, making space for creativity and a sense of play. Both disciplines come together with intelligent sequencing to create a unique blend of familiar yogic postures with the fluidity and expressivity of dance. Participants are encouraged to dig deep in to each movement, finding their own ways of authentically moving and exploring their own individuality. This particular playshop is open to anyone who is willing to move and be free, no dance experience is required, however a confident Yoga foundation is advised.

Cost is £22pp with limited spaces, advanced booking is essential. Contact lauren@laurenaimee.com for more information.

If you own a studio or dance training facility, the Yogance Playshops can also be tailored for dancers in training and are highly beneficial for developing technical virtuosity, performativity, expressivity and improvisation, using inspiration from somatic techniques. If you are interested in hosting a play shop, contact Lauren for more details.

Flow & Glow Workshop Sat 18th Jan 2020 at Verve Wellness Studio, Bedford Heights 

Get rid of the January blues and get your 2020 off to a great start. Join the wonderful Lauren Aimée for 50 minutes of energising yoga followed by a nutrition talk with BANT registered Nutritionist Neleta to help you create balance with food, learn how to eat without restrictions and then enjoy some delicious foods that will help nourish your body and feed your mind.

Cost is £30 (+ small booking fee) per person through Eventbrite. Limited spaces.

Dancing with Drones

From the exploratory findings within The Proximal Distance Series, the Dancing with Drones workshops are targeted at young aspiring choreographers, introducing them to working with technology when making work. The participants are encouraged to consider technological machines as creative partners and equal performers in the development and performative stages of the work, rather than being reduced to technical aids. The 2 hour workshop is divided into three separate tasks, first of all allowing time for the dancer’s to become accustomed to sharing the space with a flying object, gradually becoming closer in proximity to one another with the drone influencing the dancer’s movement. Eventually this develops in to a one to one exploration between a single dancer and a drone, creating a more intimate relationship whilst the dancer investigates how they themselves can influence the drone’s movement using the drone’s ultrasonic sensors. Both the dancer and the drone acutely listen to each other, resembling a contact improvisation between human and machine. Finally the workshops ends with an open score improvisation, where the dancers work collaboratively with one another in their interaction with the drone.

This workshop would suit dancers in their 2nd year of higher education and above, as part of a choreographic module or improvisation module as it involves improvising with a semi-autonomous machine and sparks ideas for potential choreographic methods with technology.

There is also potential to include a performance of Proximal Distance which is 30 minutes long and a 2 hour workshop, or just the two hour workshop alone.

“Thank you to Lauren Isbell for coming in today to explain about her performance where robots are performers. Was such an interesting workshop… I guess its true robots do have a life of their own!” – Larne Patrick (UoB MA Student)

“I cannot recommend this workshop enough! Its super fun! This was with the UoB MA Dance but could work any level – intro to dance, composition, little bit of coding, creativity, tech.” – Tamara Ashley Phd. (Senior Lecturer in Dance at UoB)

Contact lauren@laurenaimee.com for more information